Bitcoin code – perhaps the trend Word 2017

Bitcoin – perhaps the trend Word 2017 digital-interested people. The crypto-currency is on everyone’s lips and moves into more and more investment strategies. Just now the price has crossed the magic mark of legendary 8,450 euro per coin. But where to buy Bitcoin codes anyway? How big is the effort? And when you have that, Whither then it? In addition to the question of what lies behind the digital money, the issues of acquisition and retention are likely to arise first of all for most prospects. COMPUTER BILD has started the experiment on himself and gives you at this point a small guide if you want to join the Bitcoin code world.

Advance word of warning

Bitcoin code is speculation in pure form. Anyone starting today, tomorrow is not rich. On the contrary, now that the price of a coin at around 8,450 euros is, you can already lose the possession of only a coin every day several hundred euros – but also win. Make the investment in crypto-currencies as an entry into a stock market to speed before – climb courses and fall each day by as much as 50 percent. Those who do not stand, can only lose here. Therefore, a tip: Insert at the beginning of your trip is little money in this new market and watch the courses. After a few weeks you get a better feel for what happens to your money. And another thing: Similarly as with stocks, Check out this Bitcoin Code Review you should only invest money if you can spare it short – or could do without it in extreme cases.

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Wallet: The virtual wallet

To begin your journey into the new world, you first need a purse. In the Bitcoin code world are either the trading platforms themselves, such as Coinbase or octopus , or your PC. The advantage of the storage on the network: Your virtual money is over and around the world. To act as you will your money to park (at least partially) there almost no choice. The problem: There have been repeated on said exchanges to hacks, where coins disappear into the millions forever. Usually it is very difficult then to get at his money. Who wants to park his digital money in the long term, that takes either a local software, a hardware vault or even an expression. For small to medium totals, the software isExodus well. The supports the most common currencies, is easy to use and is considered safe. Larger sums should on also in english devices such as the Trezor or Ledger Nano S are transferred. For very long installations and an absolutely secure storage is also still the paper wallet offers. How to do this reveals a tutorial . In any case, you get a Bitcoin code address after the establishment of said purses.

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Buy Bitcoin code: How to

For the acquisition of Bitcoin codes there are numerous points of contact. COMPUTER BILD has had good experiences with two services. But a set forward once having to prove that you really are themselves. Almost every service provider requires an ID card copy or a video phone call to verify your person before buying. Trusted sites for sale are Anycoin Direct and Coinbase, On both exchanges you not only get Bitcoin codes, but for many other currencies. The advantage: After verification you have payment methods available that allow immediate purchase of digital money. Many other sites rely on remittances, so that there can be several days between money transfer and crypto purchase. Send the purchased money necessarily after the transaction to your above mentioned Bitcoin code address. It hardly makes sense to leave your virtual money are there. Alternatives are sites like Bitcoin or . The latter offers the purchase of even without any registration. Tested, however, the editors have not both portals.

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Bitcoin code purchased And now?

Most Bitcoin code buyers want only one thing: making money long term. However, since it is digital money, you could also buy it. There are, for example, Bitcoin code Currywurst for the equivalent of 7 euros or a lot of websites with payment options for digital money. Judging by the strong price fluctuations and the current trend is, however, said that it probably makes more sense to store the coins. If your coins are in a software-wallet or even a hardware purse, make only that your computer (or the Wallet sticks) are safe. Then it says “Hodl” – a term under Bitcoin code users who have decided to defy the price fluctuations and hope for long-term returns.